Southernmost Homeless Assistance League (SHAL) is accepting applications for the Executive Director position. SHAL is a provider of shelter, case management and associated services for homeless people in Monroe County in support of their efforts to become self-sufficient.

A complete Executive Director job description is below. Please send resumes to the attention of SHAL board chair Richard Casey at

Executive Director

The Executive Director shall have overall responsibility for the operation of the SHAL program of homeless services that includes managing the Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter and the Outreach Program. This entails:

Administrative functions for the Board of Directors, including:

  • Assisting the Board in implementing a strategic plan and programs for the Board, as well as regularly updating the SHAL Chair and Board of Directors on the progress and pertinent issues under the plan and programs,
  • Preparing other policy and management documents for the Board, including the annual report and a SHAL calendar,
  • Developing additional sources of funding, including grants, in partnership with the Finance Committee,
  • Writing grant applications and contracts, as well as preparing the reports required by grants that were received or contracts that were concluding,
  • Ensuring quality and accuracy of reports,
  • Will be responsible for maintaining current bank account signature authorizations and the bank line of credit.

General management functions, including:

  • The Executive Director is responsible for the supervision of all SHAL employees and contractors but may delegate some of these responsibilities as he/she deems appropriate
  • Directing the implementation of policies and programs and monitoring the performance of these, including the performance of SHAL’s grants and contract with the City of Key West,
  • Managing the finances of SHAL in consultation with the Treasurer and Finance Committee
  • Managing the maintenance and storage of SHAL Documents including both electronic and paper records
  • Managing SHAL’s website, and other presence on the internet
  • Developing and supervising the implementation of the SHAL budget and ensuring compliance with the budget estimates.

Representing SHAL in the community and educating the Community on issues of homelessness, including:

  • Representing SHAL on the Monroe County Continuum of Care and other organizations involved in caring for homeless people,
  • Representing SHAL in the community, including relations with the media, in partnership with the Chair,
  • Representing SHAL before the City in partnership with the Chair,
  • Developing cooperative arrangements with other service agencies to leverage resources and improve the care of homeless people.